Take Care of the Tires that Take Care of You

If you’re old enough (or really into 80s nostalgia) to know the Isotoner gloves commercial featuring a curly-coifed Dan Marino, then you know this blog’s title was inspired by Dandy Dan and his cadre of glove-sporting linemen.  But let’s get down to business:  just as a quarterback must maintain a quid pro quo relationship with his blockers, so must you with your tires.  Often overlooked and underappreciated, tires are nevertheless an essential component to a pleasant, hassle-free driving experience in that new Mercedes sedan near College Park, MD you’ve been eyeing. 

Our talented team of technicians is of course ready and able to support all of your tire needs, but there are some things you can do yourself in order to keep your Mercedes-Benz vehicle rolling right.  First off, don’t underestimate the impact of rotating your tires.  By doing it every 6,000 – 8,000 miles, you ensure that the entire surface area of your tires is receives equal exposure to wear and tear, as opposed to one particular spot.  Assuming that you’ll need to buy new tires at around 40,000 miles (give or take, depending on the roads you drive on, your driving habits, weather conditions, and tire type), you can expect to rotate your tires five or six times before needing new ones.

Also, when it’s time to buy new tires, make sure you let us help you select the right ones for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. There are several different types of tires these days:  all-weather, run-flat, snow, performance, etc. We’ll ensure a perfect match between your tires and your vehicle type/driving conditions.

Visit Mercedes-Benz of Silver Spring, test drive a Mercedes-Benz GLE near Bowie, MD, and we’ll also tell you about the super-simple tire “penny test” – a test so simple you can do it yourself!

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