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The various Mercedes-Benz parts throughout your vehicle work together in harmony to create flawless performance. Every time you start your vehicle and drive down the road, there are many moving parts that have to be functioning properly -- including more than half a dozen in the engine alone.

If you’re curious about the inner workings of your Mercedes-Benz car, you’ve come to the right place. 

Main Engine Parts 

  • Engine block - This is the main housing where combustion takes place. Many other parts of the motor connect at this part. 
  • Pistons - These are the parts that compress the air and fuel to result in combustion. Pistons pump up and down when the spark plugs fire, which results in energy becoming motion that gets carried through to the transmission and eventually the wheels themselves.  
  • Cylinder head - This part attaches to the top of the block to keep the gases safely contained inside.  
  • Crankshaft - Located at the bottom of the block, this part converts a linear motion to a rotational motion as combustion takes place. It’s the backbone of the whole combustion process. 
  • Valves (intake and exhaust) - These regulate how much air, fuel, and exhaust fumes stay inside the cylinder head.  
  • Oil pan - Another name for the oil sump, this is integral to storing the oil used in lubricating the engine to avoid too much friction during this whole process.  

Learn More Today

We hope these brief explanations shed some light on what happens in the engine when you press your foot on the gas every time you drive. It’s all about turning that fuel into energy, and that’s why fuel is so important!  

Come see us at Mercedes-Benz of Silver Spring when you’re in need of engine service or other repairs and maintenance on your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.  

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