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What Is Mercedes-Benz EQ?


Two years ago, Daimler AG laid out an ambitious timeline for new Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles. To wit: between 2020 and 2030, we would see one electric model per year. This year, we’re finding out just how serious they are; 2019 will see two of those 10 models available at Mercedes-Benz of Silver Spring, both carrying the Mercedes-Benz EQ badge.

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CASE and the Future of Mercedes-Benz Cars


There’s no other car company that can lay claim to the same history built into each new Mercedes-Benz car. The company built the first viable passenger cars 130 years ago, invented luxury motoring, dominates the present luxury car market, and is taking steps to extend that dominance for years to come.

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Mercedes-Benz A-Series Finally Coming to US Dealerships


Good things take time. The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class, for instance, arrives at American Mercedes-Benz dealerships later this year, 21 years after its introduction. Will it be worth the wait? All signs point to yes, and if you want this new Mercedes-Benz car when it makes its way to the College Park area, all roads lead to Mercedes-Benz of Silver Spring.

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News from This Year's Auto Shows


Anticipation runs high for the annual Geneva International Motor Show. After all, each year the high end of the auto industry brings the best it has to offer. Mercedes-Benz is no exception, and the company had an especially strong showing this year. Below are three upcoming models we’ll be offering the College Park customers served by Mercedes-Benz of Silver Spring before long.

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2018 Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV Overview



More than twenty years ago, Mercedes-Benz made a bold statement with the GLE: SUVs can be as luxurious as they are versatile. That statement changed the SUV segment of the automotive industry forever. In 2018, the GLE SUV continues to set a standard for combining invulnerable performance capability with ultra-modern technology for comfort and safety.
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